What is the Cost of Living in Canada for Students?

Like many large nations in the world, costs of life can vary significantly across the sprawling country of Canada. As per the Canadian Rental Housing Index, most metropolitan regions are not affordable, however there are some regions where you can live on a budget for students.

Here’s a breakdown of typical costs that a student could expect to incur in Canada (in dollars):

  • Basic lunch & drink: $23
  • Monthly rent in 45 sq m furnished studio: $1,729
  • Monthly utilities: $166
  • Monthly internet: $56
  • Monthly public transport: $109
  • Monthly gym membership: $64
  • Pair of jeans: $77
  • Private doctor visit: $115
  • Toothpaste: $3.47
  • Cappuccino: $5.13

Note This is because the Canadian government will require applicants to provide proof of having at least $10,000 in CAD to cover the tuition fee for an student visa. However you’ll likely require additional.

How do International Students find Funding and Help?

While a degree in Canada can help you save on tuition costs but you should still to think about applying for grants and scholarships. There are numerous grants and scholarships for international students, as well as specific scholarships only for students of certain countries. Learn these best guidelines to apply to scholarships for students from abroad.


How do I Apply to Canadian Universities?

As an international student your application to an Canadian university will be subject to specific requirements. Alongside the standard student application, which includes recommendations letters, resumes and educational background Additionally, you could be required to submit the following information:

  • Proof of finances
  • English proficiency
  • International application
  • Passport information
  • A copy that is translated from your transcription A translated copy of your transcript

Be aware that you’ll require a visa for students to stay for more than six month in Canada. The application is made online and is priced at $150CAD. Canada’s government Canada will request evidence of financial stability along with evidence of general health and well-being, proof that there is no criminal record, as well as the acceptance letter from your university. It is suggested that you start your application for a student visa immediately upon receiving acceptance to this Canadian university.


Overall, studying at a university in Canada with an international perspective can earn you an internationally recognized degree, and you could make money! If you’re not convinced and are looking to pursue a degree in the United States consider these 7 inexpensive U.S. universities that accept international students.