In today’s world, phone calls are an essential part of our daily communication, whether it’s for business or personal purposes. However, sometimes we need to record these calls for various reasons, such as for legal purposes or to remember important conversations.

Fortunately, there are many call recording apps available for iPhone users. In this article, we will explore the best call recording apps for iPhone in 2024, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.


Best Apps to Record Phone Calls on iPhone

On iPhones, you can’t record calls directly using the built-in features. So, to record calls, you need special apps from outside the iPhone’s App Store.

These apps use tricks like adding a third number to handle the recording or storing recordings on their servers. Here are some of the best apps for recording calls on iPhones.

1. TapeACall

TapeACall is a popular app for recording phone conversations on an iPhone. It works by creating a three-way call between you, your contact, and its servers, which record the call and send it to you later as a download.


You can try the call recording feature for free with a 6-day trial. However, finding the free trial option can be tricky. If you try to learn more about the app from its welcome screen, the free offer might disappear. You may need to delete and reinstall the app to make the free offer appear again.



  • Supports many regions worldwide.
  • Very simple user interface once set up.


  • Aggressive advertising of the premium subscription when starting up.
  • $29.99 for a year of full access may be expensive for some users.

2. Skype

Microsoft’s Skype offers a great feature where you can easily start recording a call with just a tap while using the app to make the call.


This feature works for voice calls between Skype accounts, not regular phone numbers, but it’s completely free. Once you start recording, the file is available for download by everyone in the conversation for 30 days.

Although the 30-day limit may be a bit annoying, you can download the recording to your iPhone as many times as you want before the deadline. Many people, including podcasters, use Skype to record conversations on their iPhones because it’s so popular and convenient.


  • Video and voice calls can be recorded on an iPhone.
  • All recordings are automatically backed up online and available for download.


  • The recording is only available for Skype-to-Skype calls.
  • Recorded calls need to be downloaded within 30 day

3. Call Record

Call Record is an iPhone app designed for recording both audio and written notes. It’s connected to the No Notes website and service, allowing users to record all phone calls on their iPhones. Additionally, it offers a transcription service that can be requested during a call or afterward when listening to the recording.

Call Record

The transcription service costs about $60 per hour of audio, which may be expensive or affordable depending on your industry and budget. However, there are various bundles available for users seeking a more customized recording and transcription experience.


  • The transcribing feature is a valuable addition.
  • Clean and professional app interface that’s user-friendly.


  • Transcribing starts at $60 for one hour of audio, which may be pricey for casual users.
  • Some screens may take a while to load.

4. Record Calls+

Record Call+ is an entertaining iPhone app that allows you to record your calls and apply fun filters to change your voice and add background noises. While it may not be suitable for those requiring transcription or other professional features, it’s a good option for those seeking something unique.

Record Calls+

However, be cautious of the credit system. It’s easy to use up your credits quickly, which can make the app quite expensive.


  • Voice distortion and background noises are entertaining features.
  • No paid subscriptions are required.


  • Lack of support information within the app.
  • Credits start at 20 for $5.99, and they deplete rapidly.

5. RecMyCalls

RecMyCalls (formerly Call Recorder & Voice Memo) is an app that lives up to its name. It records phone calls between multiple people and serves as a voice recorder for personal messages you want to save for later.


It’s a great option for those learning how to record audio calls on an iPhone, as it offers comprehensive guides, walkthroughs, and animated demos directly within the interface, explaining all its features thoroughly.

RecMyCalls does require a monthly subscription, but its pricing is competitive compared to other similar apps.


  • One-week free trial grants access to all features.
  • Dark Mode is supported, along with extensive in-app support information.
  • Abundance of guides and support links within the app.


  • In-app purchases are required for recording.
  • Prices can go up to $50 depending on your requirements.

6. Google Voice

Google Voice is a service from Google that gives you a phone number to forward to your regular phone or access via your computer or smart device. One of its features is recording inbound phone calls by tapping the number 4 after answering.

Google Voice

Recording is done by Google in the cloud, not on your iPhone. You can record calls to your iPhone from your Google Voice number. However, you can’t record calls you make to others; they need to call you back for recording.


  • Notifies the listener before recording.
  • Easy activation of recording via the Google Voice website.


  • Limited to recording incoming calls.
  • Requires setting up a Google Voice account to use.

7. Recorder RecMe

RecMe operates similarly to other iPhone call recording apps listed here, offering a user-friendly interface and reliable performance. However, its price of $9.99 for just a week of access is comparatively high, considering similar apps offer a month’s access for the same price.

Recorder RecMe

Nonetheless, RecMe can serve as a viable backup option if other apps encounter technical issues or lack support.


  • Simple to use with a well-designed app interface.
  • Regular updates ensure reliability.


  • Limited availability of routing numbers, restricted to the U.S., UK, Canada, Brazil, and Malaysia.
  • Higher price compared to other options.

8. Voice Memos

While there are many iPhone apps that can record calls made on the same device, you can also record a call by using the speakerphone and capturing the conversation with another device.

Voice Memos

Apple’s restrictions prevent using the pre-installed Voice Memos app for this purpose on the same iPhone, but you can still record audio from another iPhone. Simply open Voice Memos on an old iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, then tap the red Record button.


  • No need for extra apps or memberships.
  • A simple method for many users.


  • Requires an additional device to record iPhone calls.


Q1: Do call recording apps work for both incoming and outgoing calls?

  • It depends on the specific app and its features. Some apps support recording both incoming and outgoing calls, while others may have limitations.

Q2: Are there free call recording apps available for iPhones?

  • Yes, there are free call recording apps available for iPhone, but they may come with limited features or include ads. Premium versions with additional features may require a purchase or subscription.

Q3: Can I transcribe recorded calls into text with these apps?

  • Some call recording apps offer transcription services as an optional feature, but it may come with additional costs or subscription plans.

Q4: Do call recording apps consume a lot of storage space on iPhones?

  • The amount of storage space used by call recording apps depends on factors such as call duration, audio quality, and settings. However, most apps are designed to optimize storage usage.