McDonald’s McDVoice Survey

McDonald’s, with its ever-expanding network of restaurants located in nearly every country around the world, is committed to providing a consistently satisfying customer experience. To ensure that its menu, service, facilities, and overall experience meet the expectations of its millions of loyal customers, McDonald’s has established an online survey at


The purpose of this survey is to gather valuable feedback from customers regarding their overall McDonald’s experience. This feedback includes their opinions on the food and menu options, the service and friendliness of staff, and their satisfaction with the cleanliness and atmosphere of McDonald’s restaurants.

This information is crucial for McDonald’s management to identify and address any issues, improve the quality of food and service, and maintain the satisfaction of its vast customer base. As a token of appreciation for your time in completing the McDVoice survey, McDonald’s offers a complimentary reward, such as a free burger, fries, or a special meal deal, or an exclusive discount or free item for your next visit to the restaurant.

The reward you receive depends on the current McDVoice survey cycle. You can find the current rewards offered for completing the survey in the terms and conditions of the online McDonald’s customer loyalty program.

Requirements for Participating in the McDVoice Customer Survey:

  • A valid receipt for a purchase from a McDonald’s restaurant or outlet within the past 7 days that contains a 26-digit survey code or a survey code alternative.
  • An internet connection and a computer, smartphone, or other internet-connected device to access the survey website at
  • You must be at least 15 years old to participate in the McDVoice survey.
  • You must be a resident of the United States or the District of Columbia.
  • You must be fluent in either English or Spanish as the survey is available in these two languages only.
  • You can participate in up to 5 surveys per month, regardless of how often you eat at McDonald’s.
  • You must redeem your reward within 7 days of completing the McDVoice survey.

Step-by-Step Guide to Completing the McDVoice Survey:

    1. Gather your receipt, which should be from a recent visit within the past 7 days, and locate the 26-digit survey code.

    2. Check your internet connection, open a web browser, and navigate to the official McDonald’s survey webpage at

    3. Begin by entering the 26-digit survey code from your receipt.

    4. Once the code is validated, you can proceed with the online survey.

    5. If you cannot find the survey code on your receipt, click on the option at the bottom that says “If you don’t have a 26-digit survey code, click here.” You will be redirected to another window where you will need to enter details from your receipt, including the store number, the KS number, the date and time of your visit, your order, and the amount spent. Don’t worry, this information is readily available on your receipt, and there is a guide showing you where to find the required details.

    6. Once you’re ready, you will be directed to the survey itself. It includes some basic questions about your recent McDonald’s experience. Try to be as honest as possible when answering questions regarding the quality of the food, the prices, the service provided, the staff’s demeanor, and the cleanliness of the outlet. You must answer all questions included in the survey to complete it successfully.

Upon completing the survey, you will receive a validation code, which you can use to redeem a free meal or discount on your next McDonald’s visit within the following 7 days.

The best way to ensure you can utilize your discount or get your free reward is to write down the validation code on the back of your receipt and bring it with you.

The next time you make a purchase at McDonald’s, simply show the receipt with the validation code to the cashier serving you, and you will receive the reward or discount.

Remember that you are allowed only 5 surveys per month and must be a US or District of Columbia resident 15 years of age or older to participate in the McDVoice survey and redeem the advertised rewards.