The world of business education is undergoing a significant transformation, with top-tier online MBA programs now offering a unique opportunity to pursue an advanced degree without the traditional GMAT or GRE requirements.

This shift is opening doors for working professionals and recent graduates alike, providing a seamless path to career advancement and personal growth.

Join us as we explore the Top Online MBA Programs that have eliminated the need for GMAT and GRE scores, and discover how these programs can empower you to achieve your academic and professional aspirations.

Online MBA Overview

U.S. News conducts an annual survey of ranked online MBA programs to gather information about their testing policies. Out of the 325 programs that participated in the survey, 135 required applicants to submit standardized test scores.

Of these, 22 programs required the GMAT, while another 113 programs asked for either the GMAT or the GRE.

However, almost all the programs that required test scores allowed applicants to waive the testing requirements if they met specific criteria such as having sufficient work experience or a high college GPA.

Interestingly, 93 of the ranked online MBA programs reported not requiring a GMAT or a GRE test score from applicants. In contrast, 96 programs said they did not consider test scores when evaluating candidates.

Discover the best online MBA programs that don’t ask for GMAT or GRE scores. Find your path to success on the next page!

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