Car design has evolved over the years, but many automobile enthusiasts long for the old days of vehicle production.

In their opinion, the classics are the best, and current designers cannot match the vintage manufacturers from the past. Some vintage cars are unforgettable.


Their sleek features and iconic looks put them among the most desirable vehicles ever. People have strong opinions about every car on this list.

Some may love their design, while others are less enthusiastic. However, every vintage car on this list is memorable.

1. DMC DeLorean

Even if the DMC DeLorean had not appeared in the Back to the Future film series, it would still be unforgettable. The silver exterior and those gull-wing doors are the main reasons this stunning design is still beloved.

Owner John DeLorean and his company had a checkered career, but there’s no denying this sleek sports car bearing his name is the work of genius.


2. Ferrari 250 GTO

When the first Ferrari with the license plate number 1 rolled off the production line in 1962, it was named Il Monstro. The “monster” was known for its unconventional design, but it is one of the most visually appealing cars ever made.

Only 36 GTOs were produced, but their stunning looks and rarity value mean that any model going up for sale will set you back several million dollars.

3. Ford Mustang

The original Ford Mustang looked quite different from modern muscle cars. The first-generation Mustangs were known for their stylish design, and they quickly became beloved classic cars in America.

Despite being relatively small, the first Mustangs had powerful engines. The long hood of the Ford Mustang made it a standout on American roads during the 1960s and 1970s.

4. Jaguar E-Type

In contrast to the Ferrari GTO, thousands of Jaguar E-Types were made, but the incredible design makes this another standout vehicle. The front headlights and grille resemble a frog, but that’s not the best recommendation for this unforgettable car.

The curves at the sides and back make the E-Type one of the most memorable English cars, and most UK car enthusiasts would love to own one.

5. Austin Mini

The Mini, designed by Alec Issigonis and first produced in 1959, was promoted as a solution to a growing global fuel crisis. The average motorist sought fuel efficiency from their vehicles, and this compact design paved the way for numerous imitators.

Despite being unkindly labeled as a “box on wheels,” the Mini deserves more credit. Its clean lines have contributed to its status as an enduring classic.

6. Dodge Charger

Some cars gain fame after appearing in movies or on TV. For example, the Austin Mini was featured in The Italian Job (2003), and the Dodge Charger became well-known due to its appearance in the TV series The Dukes of Hazzard (1979-1985).

The original Charger was released in 1966, but the 1969 version, with its extended hood and distinctive grill, is considered the better option due to design changes.

7. Volkswagen Beetle

The design of the Volkswagen Beetle has remained largely unchanged over the years. In the 1960s and 1970s, at a time when most vehicles had a boxy shape, the Beetle’s distinctive round features made it stand out.

When the car was reintroduced in the 1990s, the design was similar, but the Beetle appeared more “squashed.” The original classic design, beloved by the hippie generation of the 1960s, is considered the best version of this iconic car.


8. Oldsmobile Cutlass

Car enthusiasts who were passionate about American cars were big fans of the Oldsmobile Cutlass, even outside the United States. Its unique name added to its appeal, and it was known for its stylish design.

The Cutlass had a comfortable bench seat, making it a more luxurious option compared to many other American imported cars. It had steady sales in the U.S., and its impressive high-performance V8 engine contributed to its success.

9. Triumph TR6

“Any car from the Triumph TR series could have been included in this list, but the TR6 is my top choice. It had a longer production run than its successor, the TR7, and its timeless design sets it apart as the quintessential Triumph car.

The TR6 was a versatile vehicle, capable of reaching high speeds while also providing comfort for long-distance touring. It is a classic and one of the finest examples of British sports cars.”

10. Ford F-100 Pick Up

The Ford F-100 is the longest-running series of pickup trucks in motoring history, known for its combination of reliability and striking looks.

While it may not be the most beautiful vehicle ever designed, its unmistakable appearance makes these trucks highly collectible. Ford F-100s often appear in classic car shows worldwide and are highly sought-after as restoration projects.

11. MGB GT

The MGB GT’s sleek, curved roof set it apart from other cars like the Midget. Its distinctive appearance and affordable insurance, due to being classified as a sedan rather than a sports car, made it a popular choice after its release in 1965. Few cars leave a lasting impression, but the MGB GT was an immediate success when it debuted at the 1965 London Motor Show.

12. Porsche 911

There is some debate over which Porsche deserves to be on this list, but most agree that the original 911 deserves the spot. The rear engine layout was unusual for many sports car enthusiasts, but the external design makes this car unique. Of all the releases from this manufacturer, the 911 defines Porsche as the car every car enthusiast wants to own.

13. Fiat 8-V Turbina

Most of the classic cars on this list have sleek curves, which is part of their appeal. The Fiat Turbina stands out from the others because of its unusual bubble effect. While it may not appeal to all classic car enthusiasts, it certainly makes the model unique.

The Turbina had a short lifespan. It was introduced in 1954 as a concept car but production was stopped due to its high gas consumption. The only remaining example is now on display at the Automobile Museum of Turin.

14. Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing

There’s something captivating about a car with gull-wing doors. Whose head wouldn’t turn when they see this pull up on the street and the doors open vertically?

The DeLorean achieved this look, but the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL arguably did it better. Produced in 1957, this car pioneered gull-wing doors. It’s far more elegant than the DeLorean, with slender curves and the iconic Mercedes-Benz badge at the front of the grille.

15. Jensen Interceptor

This list features some amazing cars, and while the final entry is a bit self-indulgent, it definitely deserves its place here. The Jensen Interceptor is my ultimate dream car, and its design, with the extended, curved rear end, sets it apart from many of its competitors.

The Mark 3 is the best of the designs, and sales were strong on both sides of the Atlantic. Unfortunately, production of the Interceptor came to a halt in 1976 due to rising oil prices and a low miles-per-gallon return, with figures in single digits.